The VoiceGlance Hack Of The Month: Blinding/Deafening Interviews

The VoiceGlance Hack Of The Month: Blinding/Deafening Interviews

One thing we take really serious at VoiceGlance is diversity, and it shows in our product. Credit: Capture Queen

One thing we take really seriously at VoiceGlance is diversity, and it shows in our product. Credit: Capture Queen

At VoiceGlance, one of our core beliefs is that the absolute best person should get the job, regardless of race, gender, color or creed. To ensure that happens, we allow clients to deafen and blind their interviews.

What does that mean? As you know, VoiceGlance provides full transcripts to each candidate’s response, accompanied with an audio recording of their answer. The responses are obviously associated with each candidate’s name as well.

To avoid any prejudice during assessment, we allow our clients to both shut off the audio recording for the responses – aka “deafen” the interview – and hide the names of the candidates – aka “blind” the interview. Why?

This way, assessors can focus purely on the strength of the answer, via the transcript, without being persuaded by anything else, such as a female or male name/voice. Not only does this prevent classic prejudices along gender and nationality lines, it also prevents company-specific prejudices, such as nepotism.

Again, the goal of all of this is our continued effort to make hiring a meritocracy where the absolute best candidate gets the job. That being said, both of these features are optional, and can be turned on or off by clients on a job-by-job or company-wide basis.

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What Does VoiceGlance Do?



Candidate Outreach

Invite candidates to interview automatically via personalized text, email and phone call and relieve your HR staff of hours spent scheduling interviews.


On-Demand Interviews

We work with you to create interviews that reveal applicant’s suitability for the job and match with your company’s personality and culture. Our system allows candidates to take the interview at their convenience, generally within 1.5 days of being invited.


Actionable Results

Interviews are recorded, transcribed, scored and displayed on the position dashboard making it easy to identify and prioritize the best candidates. If the position emphasis changes, interview questions can be re-weighted in real-time to surface applicants who better fit the new priorities.

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