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Sekhar Naik has made a career solving problems in the marketplace. So, in 2012, when he stumbled across an area where there were fundamental inefficiencies – hiring – it was no surprise that his mind went to work. The problem, Naik found, was that the sheer number of people applying for each job today meant that all candidates weren’t getting a fair shot and organizations were missing out on some of the best talent.

Inspired to find a better way, Naik and a team of dedicated employees, buoyed by consultants from human resources and other related industries, worked for months creating VoiceGlance. In February of 2014, the product launched, with the hope of revolutionizing the hiring process.

At VoiceGlance, we like to have fun, but make no mistake; we are very serious about hiring. Our goal is to provide all organizations – small, midsized and large – and all applicants, regardless of their race, background or gender, the fairest and most merit-based hiring process possible. Or, more simply, we want to help find the perfect fit for both the organization and the applicant.

The People Behind VoiceGlance

VoiceGlance, like any successful organization, is a collaboration of forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. At VoiceGlance, we emphasize collaboration and teamwork, instead of the hierarchical structures of yesteryear.

Sekhar Naik | President & Founder

Sekhar Naik, the founder of VoiceGlance, previously founded MResult Corporation in 2004 and MResult Healthcare in 2007. Sekhar has an MBA in business from the University of Delaware and is an expert in business intelligence and agile application development. He’s passionate about movies, boating and American history.

Richard Durishin | Division President

Richard Durishin brings over 25 years of marketing, business development and sales expertise to Voice Glance. His has been successful in global corporations, pioneering start-ups and non-profit organizations in the health, healthcare and technology sectors. Dick is passionate about empowering people to succeed in their lives and in their careers. When he isn’t working, he is likely on his bicycle, with his daughter or creating something in the kitchen with friends.

Taporat Tyagi | Operations Director

Taporat Tyagi joined VoiceGlance as the Operations Director and is a member of the leadership team. A veteran of driving new technology adoption, business process improvement, B2B and B2C sales management campaigns, he currently manages the process optimisation and market strategy development efforts for the VoiceGlance platform. Taporat’s background and expertise lie in channel management and change management, easily driven in start-up or corporate environments. He is also a part of the core team involved with conceptualization and execution of the VoiceGlance product for our clients.

Marianne Cimmino | Director of Operations

Marianne Cimmino is an expert accountant and human resource professional who serves as operations manager of VoiceGlance. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and reminding employees to submit their expense reports. In reality, Marianne is the calming force that keeps the U.S.S. VoiceGlance moving smoothly ahead.

Rich Tedeschi | VP, Sales & Relationship Development

Rich Tedeschi expertise includes strategic IT staffing and recruitment best practices. He also has an extensive sales background and has led sales teams before. Rich has been with VoiceGlance since the beginning and serves in a sales and outreach role. He also is an avid runner but now spends more time on the golf course than running marathons.

Sachin Patil | Vice President (Business Solutions)

Sachin has a strong HR technology and business background with excellent consulting skills. He has served clients in various industries, including food and beverage, consumer services, retail/hospitality, healthcare and financial services.

Sachin has put together strategic roadmaps for large-and-medium-size businesses to prioritize technology implementations to achieve short-and-long-term goals. His previous technology implementation experience includes Oracle (Peoplesoft), Taleo, Saba and many other HR products.

Most recently, Sachin was a leading business analytics solutions for large systems integrator and brings a wealth of knowledge on building actionable insights from both internal and external data. When not working with clients, he is on the tennis court or the golf course

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