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Our goal at VoiceGlance is simple: to help you find the best people for your needs as efficiently as possible while ensuring a great candidate experience. With our system, you can reach more people faster than ever before with a lot less effort.

So stop screening through a mountain of resumes and playing phone tag when you don’t have to. Instead, let us handle the grunt work, letting you focus in on what’s really important: spending time with just the best people.




Some benefits of VoiceGlance include:

Faster Candidate Engagement


Almost ½ of declined offers are because the candidate went to a competitor. VoiceGlance screens applicants in 2.5 days – a week faster than average – so you can engage and hire the best candidates before your competition does.

Greater Hiring Success


VoiceGlance screens applicants based on your desired combination of qualifications, accomplishments and social style. Because each interview is administered exactly as the rest, variations that come with interviewer fatigue are eliminated. Because questions are re-weightable in real-time, candidates can be instantly re-evaluated if job spec. priorities are changed.

Easy Collaboration


Unlimited seats to the VoiceGlance Dashboard and optional integration into your ATS empower your ability to work as a team and reach consensus about which candidates to forward in the hiring process.

Great Candidate Experience

Text invitations and the on-demand, easy-to-use nature of the VoiceGlance platform provides your applicants with a great initial experience of your company. Regardless of whether they are selected to move forward their experience with the VoiceGlance platform will build your Employer Brand equity.

More Productive HR Department

Increasingly, candidates want to be reached by text and SMS open rates are well above 90%. VoiceGlance text, email and phone invitations and on-demand interview relieve your HR staff of the drudgery of scheduling, multiple screening interviews, late nights and hours spent scoring and compiling results to select the best candidates.

Find The Exact People You Want

VoiceGlance’s filtering and sorting tools let you narrow down candidates based off everything from their years of experience to their desired salary, so you can hone in on exactly who you’re looking for.


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