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Our goal at VoiceGlance is simple: to help you find the best people for your needs as efficiently as possible while ensuring a great candidate experience. With our system, you can reach more people faster than ever before with a lot less effort.

So stop screening through a mountain of resumes and playing phone tag when you don’t have to. Instead, let us handle the grunt work, letting you focus in on what’s really important: spending time with just the best people.




Some benefits of VoiceGlance include:

Incredibly Easy To Use.


At VoiceGlance, there is no software to download for you or your candidates. Sign up and start creating amazing interviews in seconds with our easy interview creator. And all candidates have to know is how to use a phone.

Hire Great People – Not Great Resumes

Stop relying on a resume. VoiceGlance empowers your team to capture real insight about a candidate’s skills, personality and passion faster than ever before and vastly improve your quality of hire.

A Great Candidate Experience

Use our system to give each candidate a voice and let them interview at their convenience – instead of filling out form after form or taking awkward video interviews.

Take The Stress Out of Hiring

Make hiring a more structured, more efficient process. Additionally, our system is cloud-based and works across all platforms so you focus on just the work that’s important to you anytime, anywhere.

A More Collaborative Hiring Process

Give all members of your team access to as much – or as little – data as you’d like for a faster, more collaborative hiring process.

Find The Exact People You Want

VoiceGlance’s filtering and sorting tools let you narrow down candidates based off everything from their years of experience to their desired salary, so you can hone in on exactly who you’re looking for.


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