FAQs for Clients

Q What is the primary benefit of VoiceGlance?

AVoiceGlance allows you to set up structured screening interviews for each job opening within your company, and gives you the ability to invite as many applicants as you wish to participate in the interview. VoiceGlance then allows you to review the written interview transcripts at your convenience without the need to listen to each interview. VoiceGlance also provides you and your hiring team with a robust evaluation system for deeper candidate analysis. You now have the ability to identify your top candidates before you invest the time and costs associated with in-person interviews.

Q How does it work?

AVoiceGlance allows you to set up customized screening interviews in a structured way. You can introduce your company to reinforce your brand messaging, ask pre-requisite knock-out questions or ask any number of job-specific questions. Inviting applicants to participate in your interview is as easy as uploading their resumes and clicking “Invite”. Each applicant will receive an invitation email with an 800 number to call and a unique PIN.

As applicants take their interviews, their responses are converted to text and delivered to your inbox for review. You can also login (and invite others on the hiring team) to conduct an in-depth assessment for each applicant based on their transcript. VoiceGlance offers powerful sorting and filtering features to help you isolate your top candidates. You can now move these individuals to the next round in your hiring process.

Q How long does it take to create an interview?

AYou can set up a custom interview in as little as 3 minutes. Interviews follow a standard template, but you can customize your interview however you like. We also provide a robust question library which includes dozens of commonly used screening questions. You can also create your own screening questions and save them for re-use in future interviews.

Q How soon can I see the interview responses?

AAs soon as applicants complete their assigned interviews, complete transcripts start rolling into your inbox in a matter of minutes. You can then login and start with your assessment right away.

Q How do I get started?

AIt’s easy. Just Request A Call and one of our product specialists will get in touch with you right away!

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