FAQ for Job Seekers

Q What will the interview be like?

AWhen you call the phone number provided in your invitation email, you will be asked to enter your unique PIN. You will then hear a brief introduction to the interview along with any special instructions. Once the interview begins, you will hear a series of questions followed by a tone. Respond to each question, then press the # key when you are ready to move to the next question. If you need a question repeated, press the * key.

Q How can I prepare for the interview?

APrepare to talk about your experience, skills and strengths and how they relate to the position. Do your homework as you would for any interview. Keep these additional tips in mind to make sure the interview goes smoothly:

  • Find a quiet space free of interruptions and excessive background noise.
  • Use a land line if possible or find a place with good reception if you are calling from a cell phone.
  • Be sure to speak clearly, enunciate your words and speak at a moderate pace.

Q How long will the interview take?

ATypically, you should plan for the interview to take about 15 minutes but the actual length vary based on the number of questions, types of questions, and the length of your responses.

Q Is there a time limit for responses?

AThere is no set time limit. As in a face to face interview, we encourage you to focus your response on the question. Be thorough, yet concise.

Q Why are employers using this system?

ATo learn more about you, the applicant, earlier in the hiring process. VGlance interviews allow you to describe your experiences, skills and strengths in direct relation to the position.

Q Who will hear my responses?

AVoice recordings are captured by our system and verified anonymously by our quality assurance team. Otherwise, your responses will only be made available for review by those directly involved in the hiring process.

Q Is this replacing the traditional interview?

ANo. This is simply an enhanced form of applicant screening that already occurs in a standard recruitment process. This is not a substitute for a personal interview with company representatives.

Q What if I am not happy with a response? Can I start over?

AUnfortunately, you will only have one chance to respond to each question. We encourage you to prepare for the interview before you begin and do your best to answer each question.

Q What happens if I get disconnected or have to hang up before I’m done with the interview?

AIf your interview is interrupted for any reason, you can call back using the same phone number and PIN to resume the interview where you left off.

Q What happens once I complete the interview?

AYou will receive confirmation email to let you know that your interview was captured successfully. If there is further interest in your candidacy, the hiring company will get in contact with you directly.

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