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Convenient for applicants and your hiring team

Applicants can phone in for their interview day or night – even weekends. Interviews can include a branded introduction, pre-requisite pass/fail questions and a variety of job-specific questions. Work with your hiring team to create robust screening interviews, invite your applicants to participate and then review the transcripts to rate responses at your convenience.

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Interview Transcripts

Full text interview transcripts right in your inbox

Receive full transcripts of each interview. Base your screening decisions on the content of applicant responses rather than other interview distraction. Share transcripts with your team and leverage them for more meaningful follow up interviews.


Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor and manage multiple interviews from a single screen

Track the progress your active interviews right from the home screen. See how many applicants have completed their interviews in real-time. Quickly jump into the assessment module or results page for any given interview.


Interview Templates

Get started in seconds. Customize with ease.

Your interviews can include a branded introduction, pre-requisite pass/fail questions and a variety of job-specific questions. Begin building your first phone interview quickly and conveniently with one of our free interview templates, which you can easily customize with your brand messaging and targeted screening questions. Create your own templates to use again and again.


Question Library

100+ ready to use questions

Build robust interviews by taking advantage of our question library which includes hundreds of questions suitable for most job types. Add commonly used screening questions to your personal question library for easy access when building future interviews


Results Dashboard

Visualize applicant assessment results

See a candidate to candidate comparison on the results dashboard. Visualize your entire applicant pool from a single screen. Drill down and review specific responses or adjust question weights and pre-requisite filters to isolate your top candidates from the group.


Filters and Sorting

Dynamically filter and sort applicants

Save time and prevent late-stage drop-outs by filtering your applicants based on their pre-requisite qualifications. Sort applicants by their performance on specific questions or on their interview as a whole to quickly identify the strongest candidates.



100+ ready to use questions

Select two or more highly qualified candidates for comparison. Empirically compare their qualifications by viewing side by side assessment data along with their transcribed responses



Get the right information in front of your hiring team

Access and share timely information with your colleagues from anywhere through our common screening platform. Email applicant resumes and interview transcripts with your team in just a few clicks so you can leverage the data for meaningful follow-up interviews.

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