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A Radical Solution For SiriusXM To Fix Their Howard Stern Problem

Hiring great people is important, we all know that. In fact, if you have to overpay for anything in business, it should be on the absolute best people, as they will have more of an effect on a company’s success than anything else. But, like anything in life, it can go too far. Too much dependence, too much financial commitment to a single person – particularly without the right agreement in place – can essentially allow a single employee to hold the rest of the company hostage. And that’s exactly what’s happening at SiriusXM Radio. And it’s causing them major …Read more »

Why Walmart Giving Their Workers Raises Is Smart Business

This month, the Associated Press reported that Walmart will spend $1 billion on raises and training for its lowest-paid employees. Workers will now earn, at the very minimum, $9-an-hour, and then get $10-an-hour if they stick around for six-months. The decision comes after a wave of protests about the wages Walmart and other retail giants pay their employees and the benefits – or, perhaps more accurately, the lack thereof – they offer. So the move will unquestionably give them some good PR, at the very least. But is it a good business move? Does paying employees more for jobs that require no experience and are easily …Read more »

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