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Voice Glance LLC Taking Applications at the VET Rock Career Fair Presented by Mohegan Sun

Mystic, CT (October 21, 2015) – Voice Glance Staffing announced today that the company will be taking applications and resumes from Veterans at the ‘Hiring for Heroes’ Career Fair at Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort in Uncasville, CT. Hiring for Heroes Career Fair session is scheduled from 10:30am to 5:00 pm in Ballroom B on Wednesday, November, 11, 2015. VETS ROCK, a day long event hosted by Mohegan Sun, will begin with career workshops and culminate with a live concert at 7:00pm at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The event benefitting Til Duty is Done & in partnership with News 8 …Read more »

The VoiceGlance Hack Of The Month: Blinding/Deafening Interviews

At VoiceGlance, one of our core beliefs is that the absolute best person should get the job, regardless of race, gender, color or creed. To ensure that happens, we allow clients to deafen and blind their interviews. What does that mean? As you know, VoiceGlance provides full transcripts to each candidate’s response, accompanied with an audio recording of their answer. The responses are obviously associated with each candidate’s name as well. To avoid any prejudice during assessment, we allow our clients to both shut off the audio recording for the responses – aka “deafen” the interview – and hide the names …Read more »

VoiceGlance Contest: What’s The Best Hiring Advice You Can Give?

If you could give someone one piece of advice about hiring – just one – what would you say? Have something in mind? Submit it into our contest, and you might just walk away with $50 in Amazon gift cards. Until the end of February, VoiceGlance will be collecting submissions for its “Best Hiring Advice” contest. At that time, we’ll send all the submissions to our esteemed celebrity judge, Todd Raphael.  Todd is best known for his current role as Editor in Chief at, one of the most active online communities for recruiters and HR professionals to network, share …Read more »

How VoiceGlance Bridges The Gap Between Recruiters And Hiring Managers

There’s a familiar theme we keep hearing from recruiters and hiring managers we hear over and over again at VoiceGlance. The hiring managers are saying they are getting candidates that don’t have the skills they need from their recruiting team. They are asking for apples and getting oranges. The recruiters are equally frustrated. They say the hiring managers are poor communicators and that they don’t make it clear what they want. And both parties are left shaking their head. These anecdotes are anything but aberrations. A new study shows that this gap between hiring managers and recruiters is a persistent …Read more »

Why Capital One’s Approach Is The Future Of Hiring

  If you are searching for a company that best exemplifies the future of hiring, look no further than Capital One, the Virginia-based banking company. Capital One distinguishes itself from other banks by stressing its focus on analytics, a keystone of today’s information age. And that is reflected in their hiring process, where seemingly every aspect – including the oft-overlooked candidate experience facet – is quantified, analyzed and expected to improve. What Capital One is trying to do is something many companies in America are trying to accomplish as well – take a process (hiring) that for years has been …Read more »

How The Web Has Flipped Hiring On Its Head

For more than a century, the challenges facing hiring managers remained constant. Because there was no easy way to reach people, applicant pools were limited by things like geography and just lack of access, and the fundamental issue was finding good applicants. Back then (which was only about a decade ago), there were only a few ways to build an applicant pool. Obviously, one was to go through your own networks or post the job internally. The second was to take an ad out in a newspaper, post a “help wanted” sign on the office building or go to career …Read more »

Chipotle’s Brilliant Hiring Process

With its stock price increasing by 1,080 percent and sales jumping from $471 million to $3.2 billion since 2006, Chipotle was America’s fasting-growing fast food chain of the decade. That trend looks like it will only continue, as stocks have increased by more than 20 percent so far this year. So what makes Chipotle so successful? Obviously, to have that much success, there are several reasons. First off, it does a great job of appealing to America’s changing sensibilities, as it advertises (mostly) organic, GMO-free food, as an example. It also sticks to a clearly-defined mission and has strong processes …Read more »

VoiceGlance Featured In Prominent Local Newspaper The Day

  In March, VoiceGlance was featured on the front page of the business section in its local newspaper, New London’s The Day. The article explained the trouble organizations have today sorting through ever-expanding applicant pools and how VoiceGlance provides a solution. It also discussed VoiceGlance’s focus on eliminating the bias in the hiring process and leveling the playing field for all job applicants. “It gives every candidate a voice,” the article quoted VoiceGlance Manager Kevin Scanlon as saying. “It gives everyone a shot.” Click here to read the entire article.

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