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Apple’s Brash, Arrogant, Effective Brand

The “Google way” is supposed to be the way companies do business today. Their philosophy of making their prices as low as possible, even free, to get as many users as possible; of making their software both open-source and easily-integratable; of being invisible, instead of loud; of being focused on software instead of stuff; is the widespread best practice nearly all new-age organizations are looking to adopt today. All, but one: Apple. Not only does Apple reject the Gospel of Google, it relishes in its own mystique and ignores those who dare oppose it. The perfect illustration of the premise above? …Read more »

A Radical Solution For SiriusXM To Fix Their Howard Stern Problem

Hiring great people is important, we all know that. In fact, if you have to overpay for anything in business, it should be on the absolute best people, as they will have more of an effect on a company’s success than anything else. But, like anything in life, it can go too far. Too much dependence, too much financial commitment to a single person – particularly without the right agreement in place – can essentially allow a single employee to hold the rest of the company hostage. And that’s exactly what’s happening at SiriusXM Radio. And it’s causing them major …Read more »

The Biggest Threat Facing Uber

Uber, on its surface, seems like a company that has very few issues. First off, it has a great business model. Just one benefit, Uber is responsible for almost no inventory, as drivers provide their own cars, which vastly reduces its risk. There is plenty of demand for Uber. The taxi market in the United States alone is estimated at $11 billion a year (it is even larger in other countries, particularly Japan), and it has the potential to hit more rural, previously-untapped markets. And margins do not have to be that high for them to make a lot of money, as roughly20 …Read more »

18 Quotes By Netflix’s Talent Guru That Will Make You Rethink HR

Netflix’s philosophy on human resources pretty much flies in the face of everything we’ve come to expect from Silicon Valley tech giants. Instead of costume parties and unlimited foie gras, Netflix gives out big stacks of cash – and little other else – to people who get the job done. If they don’t get the job done? Well, I believe this quote from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sums it all up: At most companies, average performers get an average raise. At Netflix, they get a generous severance package. Where did this philosophy come from? Obviously, Hastings, as co-founder, set the tone. …Read more »

How To Hire Construction Workers, From Someone Who’s Hired A Lot

By William Petrone, longtime owner of Petrone Construction In the forty years I spent owning my own construction business, I’ve hired a lot of workers. I mean, a lot of workers. I’ve had great ones that have lasted years and we’ve become lifelong friends. I’ve had terrible ones that quit within a day. I’ve really good guys who worked for months and then just stopped showing up one day, with no real explanation; and others who thought the start time was more of a guideline, instead of a requirement. Truth be told, construction is tough work that attracts a lot …Read more »

The VoiceGlance Hack Of The Month: Blinding/Deafening Interviews

At VoiceGlance, one of our core beliefs is that the absolute best person should get the job, regardless of race, gender, color or creed. To ensure that happens, we allow clients to deafen and blind their interviews. What does that mean? As you know, VoiceGlance provides full transcripts to each candidate’s response, accompanied with an audio recording of their answer. The responses are obviously associated with each candidate’s name as well. To avoid any prejudice during assessment, we allow our clients to both shut off the audio recording for the responses – aka “deafen” the interview – and hide the names …Read more »

Netflix’s Anti-Establishment, Pro-Cash, Live-And-Let-Die Culture

In a world of ping pong tables, “Chief Happiness Officers,” moustache Mondays and Thursday recess, one tech giant stands apart, shakes its fist at company-wide yoga retreats and indoor rock climbing walls, and instead offers the oldest perk in the book: cold, hard cash – and lots of it. What do they expect in return? Performance. Major league, game-changing performance. And they don’t care how you do it or where you do it from, but if you make it happen, you’ll be rewarded with even more cold hard cash. And if you don’t? Well, you’ll also get a big pile of cash, on your …Read more »

Lessons From Google: A New Way To Think About Branding

Say you have $100,000 to invest on “branding.” What’s the best place to spend it? You could buy a commercial on local television, although then again, nobody really watches commercials anymore thanks to DVR and Netflix. You could buy an ad on YouTube, which people will skip in five seconds, or a banner ad, which garners a click-through rate of 0.04 percent. You could try pay-per-click, but that is both expensive and becoming less effective. You could try podcast commercials, although everyone just hits the 30-second forward button when those come on. You could try a newspaper, which is fantastic if …Read more »

What Companies Are Getting Wrong About Social Recruiting

Today, I spent time looking for companies that have social recruiting – i.e. recruiting via social media – right. I looked at all the big guys, almost all of whom have Twitter pages dedicated just to attracting candidates, and yet, after seeing a few, I quickly became disappointed. Quite frankly, many of them were bad. They had few followers and little engagement, as in very few retweets and favorites. This was surprising, as you’d think these feeds would be popular, simply because who wouldn’t want to work at some of the most famous and recognizable companies in America? And yet, …Read more »

Why Many Successful Entrepreneurs Come Across Like Jerks

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are among the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern age, men who created products and services that changed the fabric of American society. They are inspirations who proved that one person can change the world, if they put their mind to it. But here’s a dirty little secret about those three, and dozens of others who fall into the same category: they are kind of jerks. Or, they at least come across that way to their employees. For example, Gates, a great man in real life, was incredibly hard on his employees, with Microsoft …Read more »

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