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The Biggest Threat Facing Uber

Uber, on its surface, seems like a company that has very few issues. First off, it has a great business model. Just one benefit, Uber is responsible for almost no inventory, as drivers provide their own cars, which vastly reduces its risk. There is plenty of demand for Uber. The taxi market in the United States alone is estimated at $11 billion a year (it is even larger in other countries, particularly Japan), and it has the potential to hit more rural, previously-untapped markets. And margins do not have to be that high for them to make a lot of money, as roughly20 …Read more »

How To Write Amazing Job Postings (And Why That Matters)

There’s a new website called Cladwell that essentially serves as a personal shopper for men buying clothes. It’s pretty cool. Cladwell asks you seven questions, including your body shape, hair color, if you prefer fashion over function and your budget, and then it recommends clothes from around the web. So if you are 5’10” and prefer function over fashion and don’t want to spend a lot of money, they’ll recommend you some comfortable, cheap outfits from stores that will fit well. The concept of Cladwell is a perfect representation of where the economy is headed. Today, companies are working to …Read more »

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