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18 Quotes By Netflix’s Talent Guru That Will Make You Rethink HR

Netflix’s philosophy on human resources pretty much flies in the face of everything we’ve come to expect from Silicon Valley tech giants. Instead of costume parties and unlimited foie gras, Netflix gives out big stacks of cash – and little other else – to people who get the job done. If they don’t get the job done? Well, I believe this quote from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sums it all up: At most companies, average performers get an average raise. At Netflix, they get a generous severance package. Where did this philosophy come from? Obviously, Hastings, as co-founder, set the tone. …Read more »

Netflix’s Anti-Establishment, Pro-Cash, Live-And-Let-Die Culture

In a world of ping pong tables, “Chief Happiness Officers,” moustache Mondays and Thursday recess, one tech giant stands apart, shakes its fist at company-wide yoga retreats and indoor rock climbing walls, and instead offers the oldest perk in the book: cold, hard cash – and lots of it. What do they expect in return? Performance. Major league, game-changing performance. And they don’t care how you do it or where you do it from, but if you make it happen, you’ll be rewarded with even more cold hard cash. And if you don’t? Well, you’ll also get a big pile of cash, on your …Read more »

Did Netflix Just Blow $90 Million?

In an obvious attempt to “follow in the footsteps”, i.e. rip off, the success of one of the most successful shows on television, Game of Thrones, Netflix is releasing its own Middle Age-set, highly-expensive dramatic series on Dec. 12, Marco Polo. Despite the show’s introductory season being a mere 10 episodes, it costs $90 million to make, making it one of the most expensive shows in the history of television. It is a massive chance by Netflix to try to lure (and, more importantly, retain) viewers with its own original content, which could work if not for one small detail… The show, according to the …Read more »

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