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Apple’s Brash, Arrogant, Effective Brand

The “Google way” is supposed to be the way companies do business today. Their philosophy of making their prices as low as possible, even free, to get as many users as possible; of making their software both open-source and easily-integratable; of being invisible, instead of loud; of being focused on software instead of stuff; is the widespread best practice nearly all new-age organizations are looking to adopt today. All, but one: Apple. Not only does Apple reject the Gospel of Google, it relishes in its own mystique and ignores those who dare oppose it. The perfect illustration of the premise above? …Read more »

Apple’s Big Day Shows How To Live Forever

Tuesday was a big day for Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company as a whole. Cook finally stepped out of Steve Jobs’ looming shadow, as he unveiled the iPhone 6, new payment systems and the new and improved Apple Watch at an Apple event Tuesday at California’s Flint Center for the Performing Arts. Although Cook has done a solid job since taking over as CEO in 2011, this was his coming-out party, where he showed off some news-making innovations. So we hate to do this to Cook, on his big day, because he is a great leader who deserves all kinds of credit. But really, Cook’s …Read more »

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