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Lessons From Google: A New Way To Think About Branding

Say you have $100,000 to invest on “branding.” What’s the best place to spend it? You could buy a commercial on local television, although then again, nobody really watches commercials anymore thanks to DVR and Netflix. You could buy an ad on YouTube, which people will skip in five seconds, or a banner ad, which garners a click-through rate of 0.04 percent. You could try pay-per-click, but that is both expensive and becoming less effective. You could try podcast commercials, although everyone just hits the 30-second forward button when those come on. You could try a newspaper, which is fantastic if …Read more »

Would You Pay $248 For This Sweatshirt Designed by Kanye?

Would you pay $248 for this sweatshirt: Or a mere $222 for this short-sleeved one (apparently, there’s $26 of fabric in the extra six inches or so of sleeves): Now I know what some of you are saying – no way, I could get that stuff at Walmart for $14.99. But let me ask you a question: what if I told you that a famous rapper, who is married to a woman with the most celebrated curve since the Gateway Arch, designed them? Well, the answer is yes, at least for enough people. In 2013, Kanye West collaborated with APC on a fashion …Read more »

The Problem With McDonald’s “As Tasteless As A McRib” Ad

  Facing their largest drop in sales in at least 10 years, increased competition and protests across the country demanding higher pay for their workers, McDonald’s is in desperate need of some goodwill. Unfortunately, their attempt to build exactly that is going down as well as a Big Mac for a guy with chronic acid reflux. A new McDonald’s ad entitled signs (shown below) is basically a photo gallery of McDonald’s signs after tragedies and marking community events set to perhaps the most tear-inducing music possible. The description of the commercial on the McDonald’s YouTube channel is, “For years, McDonald’s …Read more »

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