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The VoiceGlance Hack Of The Month: Blinding/Deafening Interviews

At VoiceGlance, one of our core beliefs is that the absolute best person should get the job, regardless of race, gender, color or creed. To ensure that happens, we allow clients to deafen and blind their interviews. What does that mean? As you know, VoiceGlance provides full transcripts to each candidate’s response, accompanied with an audio recording of their answer. The responses are obviously associated with each candidate’s name as well. To avoid any prejudice during assessment, we allow our clients to both shut off the audio recording for the responses – aka “deafen” the interview – and hide the names …Read more »

How VoiceGlance Bridges The Gap Between Recruiters And Hiring Managers

There’s a familiar theme we keep hearing from recruiters and hiring managers we hear over and over again at VoiceGlance. The hiring managers are saying they are getting candidates that don’t have the skills they need from their recruiting team. They are asking for apples and getting oranges. The recruiters are equally frustrated. They say the hiring managers are poor communicators and that they don’t make it clear what they want. And both parties are left shaking their head. These anecdotes are anything but aberrations. A new study shows that this gap between hiring managers and recruiters is a persistent …Read more »

What the CIA’s Ridiculously Intense Hiring Process Can Teach Us

Aside from perhaps running for President of the United States, the most intense hiring process in America belongs to its own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which often takes two years. The process will almost certainly uncover your deepest, darkest secrets and use them against you. Along with you undergoing every possible assessment out there, from polygraph exams to personality tests, your family, your exes, your neighbors and your friends will all be interrogated. Along the way, if you lie, or even exaggerate, you’ll be instantly disqualified. Obviously, you can’t take drugs or commit any criminal acts. And you have to …Read more »

Xerox: A Hiring Process Worth Copying

A few years ago, Xerox became interested in cutting down the turnover rate at its 48,500 call-center jobs. Specifically, the company invests $5,000 in training in each new call center employee, and wanted them to stick around long enough to make that investment worth it. So, Xerox spent six months assessing its own hires, and then coupled that with information about their background and personality types. And what Xerox found was that experience had no correlation to employee longevity, but instead creative types stayed longer at the company than inquisitive types. Naturally, Xerox began targeting employees that were more creative …Read more »

Five of the Worst Hires of the 21st Century

We’ve written a lot about great hires who turned fledgling organizations around with their talent and will. Our point was to show the impact a single hire can make, as one visionary can transform a company on the verge of bankruptcy into a massive success. However, there is also the other side of the coin: the impact one bad hire can have on an organization. One person, given enough power, can take a successful organization and both ruin and embarrass it. The following five people are good examples of that. While there might be worse hires, all five of these …Read more »

Survey: 1 In 4 Workers Searching For A New Job

Despite most people being happy with their jobs, many workers would be willing to move for the right opportunity.

Want to Hire Great People? Use Ike as Your Guide

In 1943, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a history-altering decision to make: he had to choose his Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. Whoever his pick was would have to lead the allies’ invasion into Europe, which would ultimately decide the war on the western front. He had no shortage of great generals, but whoever he picked would have to lead the other men, many of whom would likely be jealous. He had the great strategist, Gen. George Marshall, the fiery Gen. George Patton, the decorated Englishman, Bernard Montgomery, and the legendary Frenchman, Charles de Gaulle. And yet, FDR selected …Read more »

What The Normal HR Team Looks Like

So what does the normal human resource department look like? Well, according to a survey by the Society for Human Research Management (SHRM), most of the people on the team will be female, college educated (and the majority with graduate degrees), with more and more new to the field and more and more specializing in strategy or hiring. Every five years, SHRM surveys a broad range of human resource professionals and then releases their findings. There are surprising trends shown in the numbers, none so as notable as the spike of female HR professionals who now populate the industry. In …Read more »

What Businesses Can Learn From the San Antonio Spurs

Sunday night, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat to win the NBA championship in one of the most shocking thrashings in NBA Finals history, with the Spurs winning the last three games by at least 17 points each. The title marked the fifth championship for the Spurs since 1999, and the fifth for all-time great power forward Tim Duncan and all-time great coach Greg Popovich. They beat the Heat, despite the best player in the world – Miami’s Lebron James – playing great throughout the series. The Spurs have made the playoffs every year since 1998, the same …Read more »

VoiceGlance Featured In Prominent Local Newspaper The Day

  In March, VoiceGlance was featured on the front page of the business section in its local newspaper, New London’s The Day. The article explained the trouble organizations have today sorting through ever-expanding applicant pools and how VoiceGlance provides a solution. It also discussed VoiceGlance’s focus on eliminating the bias in the hiring process and leveling the playing field for all job applicants. “It gives every candidate a voice,” the article quoted VoiceGlance Manager Kevin Scanlon as saying. “It gives everyone a shot.” Click here to read the entire article.

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