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Why Many Successful Entrepreneurs Come Across Like Jerks

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are among the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern age, men who created products and services that changed the fabric of American society. They are inspirations who proved that one person can change the world, if they put their mind to it. But here’s a dirty little secret about those three, and dozens of others who fall into the same category: they are kind of jerks. Or, they at least come across that way to their employees. For example, Gates, a great man in real life, was incredibly hard on his employees, with Microsoft …Read more »

Is Amazon’s Data-Focused Experiment The Future Of Hiring?

In 2012, Target famously got in trouble when it was revealed that, through big data, it knew a teenager was pregnant before the girl’s father did. What happened was that through the girl’s purchases and Target’s data algorithms, the company correctly determined she was pregnant and began sending coupons for cribs and baby clothes to her house. Her father saw these coupons and went to Target to complain, only to discover that his daughter was indeed pregnant and she was hiding it from him. It makes for a kind of funny, if not a bit scary, tale of both the …Read more »

The Genius Of Amazon’s $5,000-To-Quit Plan

Paying an employee to quit. Does it make any sense at all? Big time, and not just because Amazon says so. Amazon offers employees at their fulfillment centers after their first year of work $2,000 if they wish to quit. That payoff climbs by $1,000 each year until it caps out at $5,000. Of course, the headline of the money-to-quit contract offered to employees is “Please Don’t Take This Offer.” The truth is Amazon does want employees to take the offer, or at least some employees. Because if enough low-performing employees do, the worth to the company is millions of dollars …Read more »

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