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Why Big Data Needs To Stay Out Of Creative

The concept of big data is, like most great ideas, a simple one: get as much information as possible on the market you are trying to reach. Use that information to improve your product and marketing to create the most efficient, most attractive product possible. The main premise is that crowds are smarter than one person. Rather than “trusting your gut” or blindly listening to the highest-ranking person in the room, let the numbers decide. It is the most democratic, most effective method out there. So it should apply to creative, obviously, just like it should apply to any other …Read more »

Is Amazon’s Data-Focused Experiment The Future Of Hiring?

In 2012, Target famously got in trouble when it was revealed that, through big data, it knew a teenager was pregnant before the girl’s father did. What happened was that through the girl’s purchases and Target’s data algorithms, the company correctly determined she was pregnant and began sending coupons for cribs and baby clothes to her house. Her father saw these coupons and went to Target to complain, only to discover that his daughter was indeed pregnant and she was hiding it from him. It makes for a kind of funny, if not a bit scary, tale of both the …Read more »

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