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Is Amazon’s Data-Focused Experiment The Future Of Hiring?

In 2012, Target famously got in trouble when it was revealed that, through big data, it knew a teenager was pregnant before the girl’s father did. What happened was that through the girl’s purchases and Target’s data algorithms, the company correctly determined she was pregnant and began sending coupons for cribs and baby clothes to her house. Her father saw these coupons and went to Target to complain, only to discover that his daughter was indeed pregnant and she was hiding it from him. It makes for a kind of funny, if not a bit scary, tale of both the …Read more »

How Target Hires: Process-Heavy And Union-Free

There are two primary types of successful companies in the world: people-based companies, like Google and Apple, which are all about having great people creating amazing things; and process-based companies, like Walmart and McDonalds, which are all about reaching great efficiencies through ingenious structures. Target is definitely in the latter category, to the nth degree. And that shows in its hiring process, which is amongst the most structured around. Clearly, it is working, as the company has grown into one of America’s largest retailers and the stock has been solid, if not spectacular. But it is by no means perfect, …Read more »

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